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NEWS 2015: As for the word "impulse" and its derivative impulsive used outside of physics, jumpulse is expanding into jumpulsive representing a sudden change or a step function change in mood, economics, etc.

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What is Jumpulse?

Jumpulse is a suddenly applied finite force.
It is the new physics foundation describing applied force,while Newton studied passive forces for planetary motion.

All human and animal motions start with jumpulse, a finite force.

Jumpulse is needed for touch and prolonged contact in sports.

Human motion is generated by biotensegrity or the Jumpulse Mechanism.
The Jumpulse Mechanism generates a finite force by removing one of two opposing forces.
(Animal muscles are constantly under tension.)

The Overall Jumpulse Plan
2015 - 3500

1. Jumpulse Dance (2008 - 1018)
(Simplest: Requires only jumpulse $Millions)
2. Jumpulse Sports (1968 - 2025)
(Requires Precisely Timed Jumpulse $Billions)
3. Jumpulse Car Shock Absorber (2000 - 2035)
(Jumpulse with Super-Precision Sensors $Trillion)
4. Robot Touch (2015 -3500)
(Fuzzy Logic, Jumpulse, and Multi-Dimentional Sensors)

Robots Will Replace All Human Physical Labors.

Jumpulse Plan

Jumpulse Videos

Jumpulse Basic Steps: The Treadmill
Jumpulse Side Kick
Jumpulse Instructions to tourists in Reno
Jumpulse Pendulum Swing
Jumpulse Sliding Feet
Jumpulse danced to rap
Upper-Body Jumpulse Dance Demonstration
Matt Steffanina Beautiful Choreograph Upper-Body Jumpulse Dance
Two Cars Collide without Bouncing Off

NEWS 2014

Profs. Lotfi A. Zadeh and C. V. Ramamoorthy elected to the Academician Advisory Group of the City of Huzhou."
NEWS 2013
Istanbul Speech: Post-Science Next 2000 Years
Starting with Non-violable Laws of Nature in Social Science Below are the links to the speech in Istanbul. Part 1 (last link) is just some random chat to relax the audience and to give the purpose for the visit half-way around the world with all expenses paid plus a very intelligent tour guide.
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 2 of 7: From Religion to Knowledge
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 3 of 7: Solution of Value, a Non-violable Law of Nature
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 4 of 7: Good vs. Evil, From Equation of Evil to Equation of Good
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 5 of 7: Complete Automation, DNA, and Life
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 6 of 7: What It Takes To Move from Science to Post-Science/Financial Crisis
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 7 of 7: Acceptance Theory of Knowledge, Demo of Jumpulse Dance
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 1 of 7: Discovery of Non-violable Laws of Nature in Social Science

Knowledge Breakthrough: Human-Language Programming Computer Language for 10-years old (October 2011)
Programming will be the fourth "R" of the basic skills of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Human Language Programming can be used to enhance the learning of reading, writing, and arithmetic through programming.

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Two more NSF Proposals Submitted (9/21/2011):
(1) Completely Automated Software Foundation and Its Applications in All People Programming Language(APPL) and Self-generated Software Cell Simulating Biological Cell (Click here for more Summary) (Click here for 15-page Project Description) (Click here for 2-page References)
(2) Jumpulse and Law of Touch Demonstrated by Prolonged Contact between Ball and Racket during Collision (Click here for more Summary) (Click here for 15-page Project Description) (Click here for 2-page References)


Important Demonstration of Completely Automated Software:

1. Copy two programs (Click here for (Click here for new.bas) to DOS operating system,
2. Type at DOS Prompt psb new.txt (e.g. C:\>psb new.txt) (you might need to rename new.txt to new.bas: ren new.txt new.bas),
3. Follow instructions (first time try choosing Item 1 Program Name = test and then type 1 1 1 Hello {Enter} 6 1 1 ) (Type {Enter} to continue), and
4. Read instructions and write programs with this NEW computer language for anyone over 12 years old.

The human-language program generator New is written with a program generator Old, which can self-generate and, thus, desociates with past technology from which it is derived.

Post-Science Vision

The world will be greatly improved by post-science through complete automation when Self-Manufactured General Purpose Robots, which can safely interact with a uncontrolled environment, are programmed by completely automated All People Programming Language, which can be used by all people over the age of six, and the Robots are valued by the Infinite Spreadsheet, which determines the value of the Robots taking into consideration all its benefits and losses to infinity in time. The Self-Manufactured General Purpose Robots, the All People Programming Language (APPL), the Infinite Spreadsheet, and their byproducts are described below.

Complete Automation

Chinese Version

Complete Automation creates permanent entities
with infinitely greater value than temporary entities

Hugh Ching

Permanent entities, such as permanent software and DNA, can be created through complete automation and will be infinitely more valuable than temporary entities. An example of these permanent entities with great value is foods, which can be completely automatically produced by nature. Funding decisions should be based on valuation, not peer review. Truly original, transformative innovations should have no peers.

Proposals to National Science Foundation have initiated four post-science debates: (1) Software Debate (Completely vs. Partially Automated Software), (2) Valuation Debate (Infinite vs. finite consideration), (3) Touch Debate (Is touch a physics problem? A proposal has been submitted to Dynamic Systems ), and (4) Freedom Debate (Constrained vs. Freedom, e.g. Free Market, Free Software vs. non-violable laws of nature and the software design criterion of complete automation). NSF should initiate a Complete Automation Research or Debate to create permanent entities. Today's engineers can only create temporary products, which will someday become obsolete. The completely automated software proposal has been submitted to Computing Expeditions, and completely automated hardware in the form of Self-Manufactured General Purpose Robots should be solicited by EFRI, for the software will become DNA, and the Robot, human.
(Click here for more information)

Centers and Laboratories

[Complete Automation Laboratory] [Valuation Center]

Research Proposals

Click Here to see Post-Science Knowledge Map

[Completely Automated Software] [Physics of Touch] [Solution of Value]
[Universal Permanent Number] [Replacing Peer Review with Valuation]

Jumpulse Demonstrations

The concept of jumpulse is really an extension of the Newtonian concept of impulse. Theoretically, the derivatives should not stop at the second order. But the mathematical description is after the fact, whereby only second order derivative seems to be significant, ignoring all higher derivatives. Mathematics should have its own merit independent of the physical part of the reality. In kinetic theory, especially for plasma physics, only the Generalized Fluid Description, which generalizes prolonged contact, gives a full description of plasma fluid:

Generalized Fluid Equation

where F is further generalized to be a distribution function of arbitrary objects in the generalized phase space of infinite dimensions.


Jumpulse Stroke with Double-Hitting Demonstrating Prolonged Contact

Jumpulse Dance

(In Honor of Ta-You Wu, Father of Chinese Physics, Inventor of Jumpulse)
Amy Demonstrates Jumpulse Dance

Jumpulse can make a car to do the following.

Prolonged Contact happens after collision due to a Jumpulse Mechanism on the red car.

Incubator Training

[Infinite Spreadsheet]
[Universal Permanent Number]
[The Computer Newspaper]
[Complete Automated Self-Checkout]
[UPN (Universal Permanent Number) Real Estate]

(See descriptions below)

Infinite Spreadsheet

The Infinite Spreadsheet is necessary in solving

The Equation Distinguishing Post-Science from the Rest of the World.

The defect of economics can be traced to the fundamental difficulty in determine the variable q(p) in the equation for constructing Q(P), Quantity as a function of the Price in the Demand Curve

Demand Curve Equation

where Q is the Quantity plotted versus the Price P, and q(p) is the quantity demanded at a given price p. The function q(p) can only be determined with an infinite spreadsheet extending to infinity in time, and the integration is over p = P to p =Infinity, which covers spatial infinity.

Infinite Spreadsheet Incubator Companies

[Stock Valuation] [Real Estate Valuation] [Business Valuation]
[Intellectual Property Valuation] [IPO Valuation]
[Merger and Acquisition Valuation] [Green Valuation]
[Option Valuation] [Loan Valuation][Research Project Valuation]
[Environmental Valuation] [Mining Valuation] [Nuclear Reactor Valuation]
[Software Valuation] [Hardware Valuation] [Robot Valuation]
[Natural Disaster Valuation] [Manmade Disaster Valuation (Financial Crises)]
[Research Proposal Valuation (Replacing Peer Review)]

Universal Permanent No.

"Universal Permanent Number is for the global search of knowledge. Today, the most popular search engine, namely, Google, is designed for search news items. Since news changes continually, the search results are updated constantly to keep up with the most desired news. Knowledge, by definition, is fixed and should be timeless. Google should remedy its defect in the search for knowledge by identifying each piece of knowledge with a permanent name in the form of integer and rank the knowledge highest when a search is for the Universal Permanent Number." Hugh Ching

Universal Permanent Numbers Explained for Application as

Globally Searchable Unique Identification Integer Names

Universal Permanent Numbers are integers from minus infinity to plus infinity. They can be used as Globally Searchable Unique Identification Integer Names (GSUIIN). GSUIN are like ISBN, the book numbers. ISBN applies only to books, and in a global search, it might come into conflict with other numbers. ISBN can be considered the incorrectly conceived version of GSUIN, or a pre-Internet and pre-globalized number system.

GSUIN as intellectual properties are exactly like real properties. Each integer of the complete set of unique integers from minus infinity to plus infinity is an intellectual property of value. It can be titled, recorded, and transferred, just like a real property and can be just as valuable.

Each integer of GSUIN can represent a book, a person, or a merchandise. It is a globally unique integer name given to an entity or information. What the integer represent will be remembered, updated, and manipulated by the patented Completely Automated And Self-generating Software. For example, if a university buys a million GSUINs for its alumni. It can use the Self-generation Software to arrange and automatically update the alumni information in terms or names alphabetically, professions, ages, etc. and make the information globally searchable.

The practical use of GSUIN is the same as book numbers ISBN, but guarantees permanently that there will be no conflict in a global search. It will put intellectual properties in par with real property and, thus, demonstrate the value of intellectual properties.

The effectiveness of GSUIN has been proven by the need of ISBN, and its value has been proven by the value of Internet domain names. In fact, both ISBN and domain names, and all the other number systems, should switch to GSUIN. Generally, the world should switch from designs based on short-sighted and narrow-minded considerations to designs based on infinite and global views to achieve permanent, not temporary, solutions.

Business Plan

Universal Permanent Number Standard

Selling Globally Searchable Unique Integer Names (GSUIN)

Executive Summary

"Simply the world's best number system." Prof. Ram (C. V. Ramamoorthy)

Universal Permanent Integer ID Numbers are based on the patent on a permanent software ("Completely Automated And Self-generating Software System" Pat. No. 5,485,601), which enables its users to remember and retrieve an unlimited amount of information. Universal Permanent Numbers are the set of distinct integers from minus infinity to plus infinity. They are used as names of permanent entities, such as knowledge in the form of books, journal articles, patents, etc., land parcels, and Unicodes, which are currently permanent numbers (distinct to infinity in time), but not universal (distinct in the infinite space). Naming permanent entities is the first step into the Age of Life Science, which is characterized by the creation of permanent entities and complete automation. Integers are used as the names of the permanent entities because the integer is the native language of the machine or the computer. Due to its unlimited growth in number, Universal Permanent Numbers will eventually have to be remembered and managed by Permanent Software.

The theoretical model of Universal Permanent Number Standard is identical to that of Unicodes. While Unicode only apply to characters of languages, Universal Permanent Number covers all entities, thus, avoiding conflict universally and permanently. The business model of Universal Permanent Number Standard can follow that of ICANN, which checks for uniqueness of domain names, but allows private companies to sell the domain names. In the case of Universal Permanent Numbers, there can only be one source, which holds the copyright to Universal Permanent Numbers.

There are at least several thousands more web pages than web sites. If search engine companies allows the submission of Universal Permanent Numbers, which corresponds to web pages, search process can be greatly enhanced. Universal Permanent Number Standard should be one of the most valuable intellectual properties in the world today. Charging just $1.00 per Number, the market cap can easily reach trillions of dollars.

Universal Permanent Number Applications

a. Transportation (Permanent Product Numbers)
b. Library Search Systems (books, Journals, articles, etc.)
c. Graphical Database (based on Homotopy Theory)
d. Encryption System (SSS scramble/de-scramble key/lock generators numbers)
e. All People Programming Language (APPL) (where the permanent numbers will represent instructions to the computer)
f. Dictionaries (words for all the international languages)
g. Registration Numbers (SSN, DLN)
h. People [14 digits fixed prefix 1]
i. Ships
j. Real properties [14 digits fixed prefix 2]
k. Animals (species)
l. Plants
m. Insects
n. Heavenly bodies (Stars, planets)
o. Genetic Information (DNA, genes)
p. DNS (Domain Name System)

UPN Real Estate

The UPN Real Estate is established to sell Universal Permanent Numbers to all county assessors. A complete number system for all the real estate parcels should be planned, possibly, using 14 digits with the fixed prefix of 2. The company will be a test case for all the other UPN companies.

Automated Self-Checkout

The core of the Complete Automated Self-Checkout is UPN. All the transactions will be centralized through global satellite communication. All the changes will be recorded under the numerous UPN systems.

The Computer Newspaper, which could become the world center of information transfer and is described below, would be the most important source of inputs for the Infinite Spreadsheet, which represents information analyses for rational decision making.

The Computer Newspaper

Craigslist and Google should be rated the two most important companies in the world because they represent centers of information. Ebay apparently realizes the same conclusion when it tries to establish Kijiji, an obvious direct copying of Craigslist. From the experience in turning Homefinders Bulletin in the late 1970s from negative cash flow into the first financially successful computerized information company, Hugh Ching wrote the report "The Computer Newspaper." For all its financial success, Google has only replaced the display ads of the newspaper. Craigslist ran Homefinders Bulletin in Berkeley out of business in 2004 with its more efficient and lower (zero) cost information system. Craigslist is replacing the classified section of the newspaper. Ebay controls the Auction Section, which is one of the least interesting sections of the classified section of the traditional newspaper. Now Ebay is trying to become a contender for the Computer Newspaper. Being the center of information, the Computer Newspaper is a necessary international monopoly. Which company will win the ultimate prize: Google or Craigslist? Whether they are aware of it or not, they are competing for the ultimate prize: The Computer Newspaper. The display ad section of the newspaper only represents 10 to 20% of the total newspaper revenue, while the classified section, 60%. With just the rental section, Homefinders Bulletin ran the 30-years-old local newspaper, the Berkeley Gazette, out of business. Google is a cash cow. It has a huge cash reserve and can expand into the classified section without any financial limitation. Craigslist has the price advantage (backed by its efficient technical people) because it charges nothing. In sum, Google has the cash advantage, and Craigslist has the price advantage. Google is superior in technology, and Graigslist is ahead in theory.

The business plan of "The Computer Newspaper" is gradually becoming obsolete as Internet companies have turned the proposed plan into reality, particularly, Graigslist working on the classified ad section, Google on the display ad section through an index search service, Yahoo on the news, eBay on the auction section of classified ad, etc. Yet, few, if any, companies realize the full potential of, and the significance of the competition for, the globally monopolistic Computer Newspaper. Post-Science Institute is impartial to the competition (slightly leaning toward Craigslist), but would definitely continue to be an very interested observer.

Projects for Six-Years-Old

(1) Universal User Interface of Completely Automated Software.

(2) Infinite Spreadsheet Stock Rate of Return Calculation.

(3) Double-Hitting a Ball with Jumpulse.

Please contact John Jin Zheng for Demonstration of all three Items: zhengjin at; (510) 952-8796 47096 Mission Falls Ct., Fremont, CA 94539


Politicians fights for the economic pie.
Knowledge expands the pie.

Human progress can progress only through the advancement of knowledge. As the world was once heavily burdened by its pre-scientific culture, it is today trapped in its scientific culture.

Science is based on empirical verification. It does not deal with value. Value is the sum total of all the benefits and losses to infinity in time. Since infinity never arrives, value cannot be empirically verified. The solution of value, thus, must satisfy the rigor of mathematics and logic.

Automation is the key to the increase in productivity. Today, science and technology can only achieve partial automation and manufacture products with temporary life. Complete automation is needed to create products of permanent life.

Knowledge needs to advance beyond science into post-science, which deals with the solution of value and the technology of complete automation. Only knowledge can change our fundamental views regarding our world, and only our changed views can change the world.

Old News

Two NSF Proposals Submitted (2/15/2011):
(1) Infinite Spreadsheet: Methodology for Full Disclosure in Rational Decision-Making; Its Application to Legislation HR 4173: Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Click here for more Summary)
(2) Dynamic System of Touch, Physics of Collision without Bounce, Law of Touch: Jumpulse Experimentation and Simulation, Transforming Sports Technology/Physics/Physical Education (Click here for more Summary)

NPU Advisory Member Meeting: Sat. Nov. 27, 2010 at Adm Bldg. Concluding Remark by Hugh Ching to T. L. Kunii

NPU Professional Seminar: The Research and Incubation Programs at Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU); Saturday, November 13, 2010, 3:00-4:00PM; Contact: zhengjin (at); (510) 952-8796 (Click here for more information)

Global Education Consortium: Green Movement; November 7-11, 2010; Theme Topic from Research Team on "Green Finance and Total Valuation" (Click here for more information)

For further information please contact Amy: postscience at live dot com.

This is the UPN for Hugh Ching